slow down and breathe

As most notice I have really taken a step back from the world wide web.  It has been nice to not have something to say each day and just live them.  I have condensed my to do list down to 3 things that are important to me this summer.  In no particular order: illustrate children’s book, weight training(this is in preparation to have great arms for Jenni’s wedding), and start a garden.  The last one is particularly fun to me.  In anticipation of this I am searching for great advice.  I found this website about organic gardening.  It breaks it down into 9 steps:

 Test your soil….hmmmm…already seems like more work.  I just want to plant some seeds.  It does suggest compost.  Our house has a compost bin in the back…coicedence…I think not. The article goes into how to upkeep your compost pile.  I have a feeling that mine has not been turned in a while….or ever.  This shall be done…I need to get a hoe.  Who is donating? Beyond that, I know a lot of the work goes into chosing the right plants.  I know for sure that squash will be one of my plants, neighbor Alice gave me a big ole’ bag of squash.  It has accompanied, two dinner in the past 3 days.  Delicious!

According to this article I cold fall in zone 9a or 8b. It is quite difficult to find out where Lafayette is on this map. I believe it is 9a.  Next question is…It is the beginning of the summer and the hottest is yet to come, should I even be planting now? After random bits of research I have decided my garden will have: Eggplant, Edamame, Cucumber, Sweet Peppers, and Summer squash.  I would love to plant some watermelon, but I really don’t want it to crush my others as I know my watermelon would be gigantuous as I will be the best gardener ever!

The next bit of importance is what will my garden look like?

How awesome is this one? 

I love the design of this one. I have flat land but I wonder if I could do something simple with bags of rocks or something similar to border and protect my garden from the big bad lawnmower.

I will keep you posted on my goals.  Tomorrow is yard work and working on a freelance project and some save the dates.  Whoooo hooo.  Today was work and weight training, so I imagine soreness will be on the agenda for tomorrow too. 

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


One response to “slow down and breathe

  1. I have started a little herb garden as well. I advise planting a few basil plants; I now use fresh basil in almost every meal.

    Also, since you want to go organic, try planting some mint in your garden: it grows well, the aroma is pleasant, and it also repels bugs.

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