About W

I am not a designer. I am not an artist. I am not a magician with words or buildings. I am not one to sit around and do nothing. I don’t like lulls, I do all I can to avoid them. In my head I have a list of topics for when the dreaded lull creeps in. I have stories that will never be told. I love Pete Yorn “musicforthemorningafter.” I can’t quit drinking Coke, when that fizzy goodness hits my tongue, a burst of happiness goes through my soul! I am completely in love with this world, with that said, I long to make my impact and forever put my unique touch on it. I truly believe that if you do what you love wealth, money, and true happiness will follow. I think I have a gypsy heart, living the life of a cat. I find myself humbled at the end of everyday. I believe that life is composed of a few key ingredients: Smooth peanut butter and Paper Rainbows, with of course the occasional rogue peanut and thunderstorm.

In a nutshell, she chases paper rainbows and lives to have a life reminiscent of a great Southern Narrative.


One response to “About W

  1. Hey girl,

    We miss and love you tons! I want to keep up with you and Red Couch+Grey Dog, and really do love your blog : )


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