cupcakes + grilling + sleeping

Well it is official, a cupcakery has come to Lafayette!  In the interest of entertaining guests in celebration of their recent nuptials, I picked up a few:

I personally enjoyed the smore cupcake, I was told the peanut butter cup was delightful.  And they are so pretty! On the plate, accompanying the smore and peanut butter cup cakes are a red velvet, a kaluha infused with coffee cream icing, and a chocolate with pepper. Delightful! I am so excited to have a shop just around the corner. 

Beyond cupcakes we cooked Rothles-burgers which allowed me to actually break out the grill. There is one part of the grilling process that I love the most. It is that moment when you first light up the coals and fire bursts out.

Truth be told, sometimes I yell, “And there was a fire fight!”  It makes me feel very hardcore.  As the coals came to a warm glow with no flames we threw the burgers on the grill poured some cold sodas and enjoyed the night until…a little bit of midnight showing of, SEX and the CITY!!!

Okay so I was super pumped to see the movie.  I had to see what happened.  Without giving anything away…I was glad Carrie finally had a guy put a rock on that finger of hers. Come 3 am it was definitely time to crash, I could go to sleep without any questions of Aiden or Big, however, seeing the preview for Eat, Pray, Love before the movie brought a tear to my eye, again, and now I have a new movie to anticipate, maybe more than any other movie that has come before. 

Today, cleaning, cooking some baked fish, and a little freelance project.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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