The one about Paper…errrr…

“Find your paper rainbow. Find your paper rainbow. Find your paper rainbow.”

Those are the only words I could utter when I walked in the reception hall. Through the four months prior I had:

Found the dress.

Made some fans for an August, outside ceremony.

Had amazing engagements taken with Jenn Ocken.

Picked up charms for cake pulls.

Sent out invitations (and forgot to put some in the mail).

Had an amazing couple’s shower.

Unpacked swag.


Sent Thank You notes.

and on and on and on….

All of which was mainly a lot of fun and all worth it. My wedding day was near. Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to see when I walked in the venue(disclaimer: I was voted most dramatic in high school), but let’s back up.

Almost 900 paper airplanes were folded. I had a vision. I kept thinking my vision was in everyone else’s head too. These paper airplanes would be strung and draped from edge to edge in my rehearsal room. They would be flying high in little lines as people looked up. It would be awesome. My mom recruited friends to help in the task.

Paper AirplaneWe were on a mission. In addition to the ones that would be strung, there would need to be smaller ones to fly as Ben and I left as a married couple. That required test flights all over the living room.

Paper Airplanes 1

I tell you all this, because you need to know, I imagined paper airplanes. Ben is a pilot. I will take full advantage of precious cliches. I planned on this as decoration. This and some perfectly placed cypress knees and moss. That was it.

So here we are, Wedding Day….bom bom bom.

I walk in the venue and not only is one strand of paper airplanes hung 90 minutes from people’s arrival, but one of the flowers has fallen off the cake. My blood pressure probably sky rocketed at this point. I quickly put the flower back on the cake and touched up the icing with my finger. Hope you liked the taste of my finger, wedding guests (evil laugh). I looked back up at the ceiling…there was one strand pulled around some posts. It looked cheap. “What the F*#$%?!” I think I only said that in my head…but I can’t be sure. I know I managed to keep it together for about 20 minutes before I was in a puddle of chiffon and my own tears.

I am pretty sure in my head it went something like this, “THE PAPER AIRPLANES ARE ALL THAT MATTERS. I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE MARRAIGE OR THE FOOD OR THE GUESTS…I ONLY CARE ABOUT PAPER AIRPLANES…WAHHHHHHH” I am pretty certain I just kept saying through my tears, “These were my only decorations…my only ones that mattered.”

Fast forward a shot of whiskey, lots of hugs with family coming, and standing up to walk down the aisle. I took a deep breath and just wondered at what point I would stop caring that they airplanes never got hung. About the time I looked out the windows and saw Ben standing at the end of aisle, I breathed. We have been asked over and over again, “Why do you want to marry Ben/Whitney?”

He has become my paper rainbow.

My tidbit to the brides… “Make the person waiting for you at the end of the aisle the priority and more importantly, don’t lose site of it.” Our wedding was beautiful, and fun, and amazing…paper airplanes or not.

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