The thought of DIY…Yikes

I have been getting a lot of questions about why my colors are gray and yellow as opposed to gray and red. Below is the answer.


This is the fiance’s model airplane he is building. He has been working on it since we started hanging out. It will be finished by the time the wedding comes around. It has come to serve as something of a symbol of our relationship. The first thing I decided in this wedding was that this plane would hang at our wedding. Ben thinks this means it will hang in the house…it does not. This little bugger set the colors for the wedding.

When it came time for invites, I always thought I would design them myself. I simply didn’t have the time and the thought of doing them myself gave me slight panic attacks. What would they look like? Where would they be printed? What if I didn’t like them?! I looked around online. I ordered some samples. After all my research I found a design over at Minted that I really liked. Plus they addressed them. That took care of that. On to other things.

My wedding ceremony will be taking place outside, in August…in south Louisiana. I have looked into air conditioning the outside. Turns out that can not happen, so fans were the next best thing. My mom helped look online at some options for purchasing fans. There were fabulous ones, there were not so fabulous ones. In the end inspiration struck. I would make some. Audrey wanted to help badly so off to work we went.

20140520-104831.jpgOn the back of each fan it says, “This fan is original artwork by Audrey.” I figured for a girl that is expected to have creativity at her nuptials, the fan would be a nice touch. A bit of watercolor paper, cold press, with a pretty heavy thickness, some paint, a rubber stamp, and paint stir sticks. BadaBing, BadaBoom, we have fans!

Now the next project to tackle, the paper airplane garland…our fingers will be tired of folding I am sure!

You can follow the wedding and We Three Kids over on our “wedding website.” While you there, sign the guestbook!

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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