Letters Never Sent

Okay so it has been about 7 months give or take since I have posted anything. No worries….I am back. I know, you may all sleep soundly now. I am back with a project. A project not for me, but for you too. So don’t let me down. Share, spread the word, etc….

letters never sent

For many years I have been looking for the perfect project to deem Operation Forever Young. An operation that would remind us what it was like when there was still a bit of magic in the world. A project that would remind us all of what it was like when we fell in love with our crush and more than that laughed about it, instead of over-analyzing.

Recently I was packing to move a little further east down I-10. I found a folder full of love letters that I wrote and never sent. It was fascinating to see the maturity and respect I showed for some love and the how bizarrely complicated I made others. Some were letters to friends. Some were letters to the world. Some made me laugh. Some made me cry. All of them brought me back. Recently I wrote another letter. I read it over and over, hoping that the feelings that lead me to write it would somehow just disappear and I wouldn’t feel another emotion on the topic. I can’t send it, can I?

Then if you are anything like me you start thinking wether or not anyone else has toyed with this idea or writing it all down and pushing it in a box. It starts to be this letter that mocks you. It mocks everything that I think I stand for. I would like to think that I am this girl that will say it, no matter what it may cost my fragile ego. I am not that girl, that box reminds me everyday. But I take the box down and I read through them, and instantly I am smiling at my flare for the dramatics, my heart that has taken permanent residency on my sleeve, and my somewhat casual use of the F word in these letters. These letters were meant to be in the universe, not in a box in my closet.

I jokingly posted a tweet:

Letters Never Sent

Ignoring my typical twitter spelling errors, I have had so many people who seriously want a part of this. Sure there is post secret, of which I love! But I am talking letters…not quips, letters. How refreshing to know that you are not the crazy one with a locked document folder on the laptop with those unsent letters, or a box in the closet. So what if this happened. What if we sent the letters and they were put in the universe. What would we get back?

So this starts the project. I want 100 letters by August 31 from anyone everyone. I don’t need to know where they come from, shoot, you could make up a fake name if you want me to use it. Once I have them all, I will compose them into the story. The story of you, the story of me, this will be the story of a forgotten time when we felt so strongly for something on someone that we had to put it down on paper.

Details and rules:

  1. No names will be published. If any names appear in the letter, they will be changed to my dogs names: Sproles or Maggie May. Unless your letter was to Darren Sproles in which case I will change it to Jimmy Graham.
  2. I will not publish letters of hate, racism, or political or religious rants. That is not what this is about.
  3. The book will be ready and printed for December 1, 2013. With all graphics, photos, etc. The graphics will be something that will be worked out.
  4. Send all to 8709 Brandon Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70809. From there my team will sort them out.
  5. If it is a letter to me and it is super sweet, you best be letting me know.
  6. Throughout the time that this is happening I will update Paper Rainbows Facebook Page and this site.
  7. If you could indicated on somewhere when you send it when this letter was written, i.e. I was 17. or… I was 31. The more info about how old and maturity level is great. If you want to follow up with how you feel about this letter now, even better.

Happy sending people! Let’s get those sad lonely letters sent and in the universe!



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