Traffic Circles

I was doing some eaves dropping on two powerhouses, in their own respect, of Lafayette, Aileen Bennett & Zachary Barker. As they were discussing the use of traffic circles in Europe and other places, something they said stood out. “Traffic circles allow for perpetual motion & the difference of flows. Stop signs don’t allow a distribution of flow. Things back up” (I paraphrase)

It got my wheels turning. Where do our stop signs in life exist? Where should their be perpetual motion? Politics? Business? Relationships? The list goes on. There should be perpetual motion in all these. We should act as human traffic circles for each other, not stop signs.

My biggest personal traffic corcle versus stop sign battle lies in the flow of ideas and the time and/or ambition to accomplish and organize them. I can’t imagine each of us are that much different. We are doers and in a world where unemployment is at scary, very real reality, we are all looking to make ourselves indispensable and create our safety nets. That requires perpetual motion in fresh ideas and execution.

I could argue a million and one places where stop signs exist, but truth be told, when I identify the traffic circles I observe, well that’s just more fun.

There’s places like coffee shops, what I will deem, the people’s traffic circle. When I sit at my favorite one (the lab in lafayette) I see engagement and exchanges. I see perpetual motion of ideas and enlightenment. It’s exhilarating.

Then there’s instagram, or what I like to deem, the virtual traffic circle. Unlike pinterest, the images are our own (for most) little inspirations and ideas. They are the perpetual motion of our life, squared.

Then there’s my entourage, the characters of my life. The people that propel me forward with inspiration. The people that force me to at least keep moving, even if I’m just going on in circles, eventually, they know, I’ll find my path. I just must keep moving. The characters of our life are the personal traffic circle.

After all this eaves dropping and contemplation, I immediately went to a traffic circle in town and traveled. I went around. I took every path. I studied it. How people drive it. As each individual driver, in our own little pods, traveled, our paths crossed, but never intruded. How nice would life be if we removed the stop signs and replaced them with traffic circles.

Lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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