Wish List 2.0

It never fails, about this time of year someone asks you what you want for Christmas. If I could be quite honest, personal or not, I want money or a down payment for a house. You chose. In fact on this wishlist 2.0 is the exact house I want! Let us not get ahead of ourselves though. I will start with the basics.

chevron scarf

Let us count the ways this scarf is wonderful. 1. It is gray. 2. It is chevron. 3. It is handmade. You can find it here.


I am not going to lie. I am hoping and praying somehow this finds its way to my doorstep. There are somethings you should know. 1. I can sundrop like whoa…but it is not pretty, just pretty low. 2. During workouts, squats are my rest time. 3. I have thunder thighs, I was really born to squat heavy and low. Friends don’t let friends squat high.


I will take this in all colors. Seriously. Bring it forth to me. All 5 of them. I would live in this. I want to live in this. I did my laundry yesterday and 75% of my clothes are “workout” clothes. Just bring this forth to me now. If I had to pick colors…I would pick the gray (as pictured), the brown, and the charcoal. Do not make me pick between my neutrals.


Then there is this little gem. This is my good friends house. My good friends who just found out they are moving and therefore selling this house. This house is in the most fantastic of neighborhoods, which is on my favorite running path. Has the most fantastic of gardens and backyards. Has a nice floor plan and I want. I want this house.  Sproles and Mags want to run wild in this backyard. They want to investigate! I have been jealous of his house since I laid my eyes on it… so this is my grand-daddy of wishes, this house. Hey, a girl can dream.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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