the gym bag


This is my awesome gym bag. I know, exhilarating. I pretty much find myself on any given day living out of this bag. Although, on any given day I live out of all my bags. Bags are my favorite. You can never get too fat for a bag.

Within my bag are things that are quite helpful and other things, that well, I could probably live without.  I have finally perfected the content of my gym bag and in all my vanity feel the need to share it’s contents with you.


There are of course the Nike receiving gloves that sit in there. You never know when I am going to practice my receiving skills (or lack there of).

Then there is the “Pain-A-Trate.” This is my little miracle lotion. It is similar to icy-hot/bengay but made with natural ingredients, including tea-tree oil allowing it to really absorb deep into the muscles.

The two vitamin bottles are calcium and a multi-vitamin. I have really liked these. They don’t tear up my belly like other vitamins. These two can come as a combo here.

Of course a bottle of water, which is technically probably just a bunch of tap water. I am no water snob, as long as water is being had.

The protein shakes I drink as meal replacements is Syntha-6. I chose it because it mixes great water. I drink the chocolate – peanut butter. It is delightful. I just drop a scoop in the shaker in the morning if it is not my breakfast. Then when I am ready for my meal, I just add a couple ounces of water. It is amazing!


Of course there are some headphones. These are not special. They stay in my ears even when I sweat. They are cheap-o.

Then there is my new little friend the FitBit. It allows me to compete against people in my class, measure my sleep, and much more. Plus it greets me as “H Badger.”

Then of course there are headbands of all sorts. Ones for cold weather, ones for lots of sweat, plus rubber ones just to get the job done. Violet Love headbands are amazing. They stay in place and are thin enough that it is not smothering.

The make-up case is from Ikea. It is seriously the best make-up bag I have ever spent 8 dollars on. It holds everything. I is durable. It is perfect. There are not enough great things I could say about it. It has lots of big pockets for brushes and my toothbrush. I don’t want all that gunk from my make-up tied up in my toothbrush. gross. Ikea has me taken care of.

I keep one of many little jackets in there in the winter to make sure I stay warm when the day is done.

Rather than that, the contents change daily. New t-shirts, shorts, socks. I will say that this bag has a side pocket that breathes so that my shoes are not smelling up everything. Speaking of, I do keep a dryer sheet in the shoe pocket, just for freshness.

Ultimately even the best gym bag will not help you lose weight. That’s something only you can push yourself for, but hey, a Mary Poppins like gym bag doesn’t hurt.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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