Worth Noting

Awareness is less than half the battle, but can be the biggest motivator. I decided today before getting all fancified for work that I was already dirty and should just go ahead and get a bit dirtier at the gym. I mean I had just gone on and one about how I wanted to do more than 80%. So why not start today.

The gym is on my to-do list every single day. It is always the bullet point that gets ignored. Today it was not. Nor was the WOD or Workout Of the Day. Justin Pilcher is my trainer. He does a training class that is a mix between cross-fit, boot camps, and circuit training. I show up today telling him about my most recent success in the loss of inches. As he high-fived me I told him, “Imagine if I had actually worked out!”

So there I was working out in hardcore fashion for the first time in ages. Don’t get me wrong, I play kickball and football and walk here and there. I do yoga once a week, but I know that will not get me to my goals. You could say my workout regiment is not even 80%, it is more of a 50% game. As we are on our fourth shuttle run, he asks me if I’m going to be able to finish. (it’s worth noting I was panting hardcore) I realized at that pint I had my way out. I could do an 80% workout and no one would stop me.

Accountability is a tricky, tricky thing. It is great as long as you are not the one being held accountable. I decided that day to finish. I did my best to “finish strong” just like Drew Brees taught me. I suppose the recent awareness of my 80% lifestyle keeps running through my head, holding me accountable.

The pay offs:

1. I rocked out at kickball (subbing, sorry to my own team) Thursday.

2. I am down a total of 7″ in my hips, waist, and thighs.

3. I knocked 8 minutes off my fitness test time.

I would say those are pretty intense rewards and still the awareness that these were achieved with 80% and one day of 100% in my eating and exercise. Imagine 100% commitment … that awareness must continue to hold me accountable. That awareness is worth noting.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W

You can follow my little adventure on twitter and insta.gram. Username: @whitlgarland Hashtag: #heregoeseverything


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