Louisiana Lunch Money

Every now and then things really tug at my heart strings. It’s a blessing and a curse sometimes. I was given the best advice I could have ever been given by a good friend of mind. It was not as much advice as he was telling me how he participates in non-profit. He was telling me that you have to funnel your energies, you have to find what is most important to you and it was okay to say no. More and more I have been funneling my energies to that which I can devote myself to 100%. I wish by all means I could participate in them all, but unfortunately, I have to work. I like you, only have 24 hours in a day. I like to think I am special, but it turns out, I can not stop the world from turning. I can not stop time from moving. I do indeed have only 365 days in a year with the rest of the world. This is plenty of time if you listen to your heart when it comes to giving.

I was given a book, “The Go-Giver” by a friend. It was a book that taught me lessons no life experience has taught me. I have always been taught to give. I was raised in a home full of generosity of spirit, time, and funds. I was raised in a home where my mother never had me want for anything. I was taught that I should value education far after my academics come to close. My mom is an educator herself. I think I speak for all of her students, as one of her past students, that the lessons I learned in 6th grade social studies went far past a portable building classroom or the campus of a junior high. Whether my teachers knew it or not, I heard everything they were saying. It wasn’t until I read “The Go-Giver” till I got it. In college, I thought I was being taught to be a “go-getter.” Before the honey badger was a thing, I was under the impression that if you want something, you take it. You go get it…There is nothing wrong with going for what you want, but getting what you want doesn’t determine your value. It is outlined like this, “The Law of Value : Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.”

I may not have a lot to give in payment, but I have something I refer to as my “sweat equity.” Sweat equity being that which I invest in time, work, etc. As I stated though, I like the rest of the world only have 24 hours in a day. I love my job, eight hours in the day belong very happily to Moore Haus Coffee. I also love my sports, it is those sports that keep me active, so four hours out of every week belong to Acadiana Sports Leagues. I have fallen in love with my pups, my friends, and my family. I try sometimes, unsuccessfully, to give them a couple hours each day. Crazy enough I love food and sleep, so that gets a couple of hours. It leaves a handful of time in any given day.

I finally felt like I had found the perfect little balance, and I was happy with where I was, but isn’t it just like life to start tugging on your heartstrings the minute you become complacent. So here I was on Thursday. I went to a lunch meeting. I met a lady for the second time, but this time I got to really hear a story that melted me to my very core. The story made me angry, it made me sad, it reminded once again how doted on and lucky I was as a child growing up.

When she stood up she told me a story of how her daughter came home very upset from school. Her daughter saw a child go through the lunch line. The child didn’t qualify(barely) for the government free lunch program and so the school gave her graham crackers and milk. Graham crackers and milk…to make it through the rest of the day and be in tip top shape to listen, absorb, and learn as she would sure as day be tested later. Heart-broken the daughter told her mom and asked her mom to help. So there became Louisiana Lunch Money.

Louisiana Lunch Money aims to make sure that no child is fed graham crackers and milk at lunch. We are living in tough economies and we are all often struggling to make it through. Often times those that need help don’t qualify for government help…sometimes by mere dollars a year. It is programs like this that exemplify the American Spirit and more than that, Southern Hospitality.

Let’s break it down:

It takes $1200 per week to feed the current children under the Louisiana Lunch Money program in Lafayette alone.

That is $62,400 per week.

A child’s lunch costs $1.25 per day.

Right now this is a one man operation.

Next week the money from her last monthly fundraiser runs out. So here is my goal. Let’s pay for 2013.

Can we raise 62,400 in one week? I think so.

Each week Louisiana Lunch Money is feeding 800 kids. 78 dollars would feed a kid for an entire year. Maybe you can’t sponsor a child, but can you spare $1.50? Maybe you can’t spare $1.50, but can you share this blog? Do you want to help at the next fundraiser? Can you print flyers? Can you help us educate our neighbors? The more people donating, whether it be donating money, time, or their voice, the more children and communities we can help.

It’s ladies and organizations like this that remind me that our value lies in how much we give, not how much we take.

Here are the details on how you can help pay for Lafayette children’s lunches for a year:

To volunteer time email: louisianalunchmoney@gmail.com

To sponsor a child for a year for $78 or to donate any amount you can go here and go to donate.

For more information you can visit the website : http://www.louisianalunchmoney.org

To stay up to date with the daily activities you can like Louisiana Lunch Money on facebook.

Indigogo campaign to come. Stay tuned! Till next time, be the paper rainbow in a child’s life, if even for a day.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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