Yeah, I live here

I have watched the reality shows. I have read the articles. I have seen the numbers. More often than not, Louisiana finishes close to the bottom. Scary close to the bottom. I have read other’s opinions on who we are. I have heard people refer to us as uneducated. This post is not to defend us. Nor is this an attempt to change your mind. This post is just to tell you, yeah, I live here, and I am pretty sure my friends and family in other cities think I may have fallen off the face of the earth. The truth is, I am have been completely seduced by this little town I refer to as Laffy Taffy.

I live in a city that has free concerts downtown. The best food in the US. Kickball in the middle of the week. I live in a place where hurricane parties happen outside on a porch and crawfish season give a whole new meaning to Sunday afternoons. I live in a town where it’s easy to blow up my insta.gram with pictures of rain, sunsets, wine, musicians, local yummies, and, if you have ever taken a look, my dogs(which have nothing to do with this town, except, yeah, they live here too). So where as I could go on and on with a chip on my shoulder about how I live in the greatest city and state known to man, I will simply share pictures. This is what I do a little bit past mile marker 112.

{I am to this day obsessed with “home“}

{just before mile marker 112 on the basin bridge}

{we have these things down here that make every little bit of trouble go away..when mixed with friends, music, and your favorite cold beverage}

{then there is the time of year that needs no commentary. Festival Internationale}

{or the time of year that lets you sit on a blanket and be serenaded with hundreds of your closest friends}

{we have coffee shops that are so much more than just coffee shops, they are labs…}

{…and skittles, whiskey, dark chocolate, and more flavored sweet creams}

But above anything…I have my lil’ family that I have built here.

{Sproles is a lafayette native and known for being pensive and his quick feet}

{Maggie May is so happy to have found her home here and is known for her stinky kisses, her bravery in storms, and her perfect cuddles}

{together we make one happy little Laffy Taffy Family}

There is so much more that happens here and I would love to share the ins and outs of my daily life, but the truth is, I am pretty sure you really don’t want to read about it. The point is, We live here and we promise we do things that are productive and sometimes we do things that are just silly, but we are always doing something.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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