Support System

Look I’ll be the first to tell you that I that too many times people jump into a partnership too soon. I’m believe more things end than last in relationships. I’ll be the first to tell you that in my opinion it’s due to a misunderstanding of what it means to have a friend, partner, teammate. We are not meant to walk through the world alone. The success of any of my goals ultimately lie on my shoulders, but my motivation comes from another. My motivation is built on my relationships with others. With that I give you my starter success tips to ensure your goals aren’t misunderstood and that you start on the path to success. Ultimately, I think the success is two part: within yourself (of which only you understand) and the support you find in your relationships with others.


1. Do your research. Look through cookbooks and don’t disregard just because it won’t fit into your plan. I have learned very quicky there is an awesome, flavorful substitute for everything. Talk to someone. Pick brains. Use the Internet(cautiously). Most importantly find a planning buddy. Maggie is my planning buddy. I must also give credit to Daphne Olivier (nutritionist) of “My Food Coach” and Justin Pilcher (trainer) of “Q Fitness.” Both have been über helpful and are full of knowledge.


2. So you’re not ready to work out. Just find something fun to keep you active. Look, I’m the least athletic person known to man. I fall regularly. I rarely make it to first base. I play kickball. I mean really. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve played football and softball. But the big thing, I’m staying active. I play with Acadiana Sports Leagues. Extra perks: farmer’s market buddies, pool buddies, business contacts, the list goes on.


3. When/if you are ready to train, find someone who needs some training too. Sproles here is awful on a leash, but he has so much energy and loves to run. He’s my little rescue pup. So along with a little boot camp for myself, I decided Sproles needed a little boot camp too. I hit up the gym and he and I hit the streets for a little “leash bootcamp.” By mile 2, he was rocking the leash.

Till next time, here goes everything.

Lifetimes of paper rainbows…W

You can follow my little adventure on twitter and insta.gram. Username: @whitlgarland Hashtag: #heregoeseverything


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