What’s in an egg?

Quick post here. The knowledge base I am building has proven to be the greatest reward of all. I want to know what I’m putting in my body. Eating out has proven to be most difficult in my quest. I live in a culture where food determines seasons, clout, and any given days adventure. Eating breakfast Monday mornings has become a ritual. Typically I head over to Edie’s for my shrimp and spinach omelet. Labor day put a kink in that plan. Every local and trusted breakfast place in Acadiana seemed to be closed. I’m not off today, and I needed to start my work week right. I had one option if I wanted to sit with my newspaper, iHop.

I have nothing against iHop. It’s a legitimate establishment. However, it proves more difficult to know what I’m putting in my body. I have found for lunch meetings I’ve been gravitating to local and fresh places, Jolie’s Louisiana Bistro or St. Street Inn are my favorites. I always know that I’m getting local, fresh ingredients and oils and processed flavors are not used. Both are “Farm to Table” establishments with amazing menus full of local flavor. In other words, I’m getting real food. With places like iHop, I’m not so sure.

I, however, love my Monday ritual and it puts me in the right state of mind. So iHop it was. With the wait for a seat I studied the menu. I’ll give them credit. They offer many “healthy and fit” options, but the omelet I wanted was made with an egg substitute under the “healthy and fit” option. This bothered me on two levels:

1. Substitute is a very broad word. What is egg substitute?

Anything that has to be in cat claws(quotations) is not to be trusted in my book. Especially if a good word is cat clawed. Even at 1% I’m bothered, if I settle I’m hurting myself physically and the knowledge of settling mentally is not acceptable.
2. When did eggs become such a problem in today’s diet. Eggs are an amazing source of protein, 6 grams. Not to mention, 9 amino acids, naturally occurring vitamin D, lutien, choline, and good fat. It’s kinda a hero. All of this naturally, no cat claws required. Furthermore, studies have found that eggs do not raise cholesterol or lipid profiles. In fact they may lower. With all this why would I substitute?

I decideded on my real egg omelet with spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms with a side of fruit. I’m pretty okay with my choice. After all, eggs are both HEALTHY and FIT. Lesson for me: read, low cal options are not always best for you.

Lifetimes of paper rainbows…W

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