Mimosa by M.E.


“bronze pecan” by mimosa by m.e.

Each and every Christmas I walk into my mom’s kitchen to find the sweet aroma of caramelized sugar and counters full of pralines hardening. I have tried a lot of pralines here in Louisiana and none compare to these. They are the perfect consistency and gone in two-bites. I am so obsessed with them, in fact, that I have framed the recipe in my kitchen. When I saw this little nugget of jewelry on Red Arrow Workshop’s facebook page, I had to have it. They didn’t have it in stock when I went (you may purchase it for me at any moment). They did have other fabulous little gems by Madeline Ellis though. Excitement and obsession then ensued.

I would love to sum up Mimosa by ME in my ever so eloquent ways, but her Facebook page does a much better job than I ever could!

The “m.e.” of Mimosa by m.e. is Madeline Ellis, a landscape designer by day and a jewelry-making aficionado by night. Since grade school, Madeline has used metals, ceramics, fabric and glass to create a unique and whimsical aesthetic. She is known regionally for developing an original line of Louisiana-themed pieces, as well as other fun and funky pieces. Madeline lives in Mid-City with her husband, son and 3 dogs.

Her designs are everything I imagine south Louisiana to be, despite the media and reality t.v.’s efforts to prove otherwise. South Louisiana is the perfect mix of bold, unapologetic flavor, back and front porch funk, with a dash of eloquent whimsy. It is a place with a well earned chip on its shoulder. We are cultured and educated. We love our mom and d’em and in certain places we may refer to the apostrophe as a “comma to the top.” We speak our own language, but always open the doors barefoot, offer you a drink food, and if you’re lucky we will give you as much unsolicited opinions as you can handle. We are as southern as the day is long and everything that entails. We have landscapes of cane fields and water, scattered oaks, and flower beds manicured to a obsessive level of detail. Our girls love their t-shirts as much as their summer dress. Madeline, found her little way of working a Louisiana detail, sometimes obviously and others in a more subtle manor, into each piece.

I walked out that day with “Field of Flowers” and the “Pelican.” My wish list started, and then I found the etsy shop.


I was lusting after her pieces when I left Red Arrow Workshop, but I fell in love after visiting her etsy shop. Even more exciting is she is Louisiana local.

All this to say, go, shop, enjoy, and fall in love with Louisiana all over again.

Paper Rainbows…W


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