Storm Prep


When I started this process I knew there would be a world of obstacles. I did not prepare or educate myself for the possibility of a hurricane. If power went out, what would I eat? Should I cook the veggies? Should I prep a lot of juice? As I meandered through the aisles of Rouse’s, I picked up strawberries and more apples. I was at a loss. What does one in the beginning stages of rewiring her entire body eat during a storm. Typically I pick up the following: beer, water, pop tarts, chips, anything and everything processed. My mission was to find something “real” to get me through a loss of power. I spent two hours reading labels as the rest of Lafayette gathered water, beer, pop tarts, batteries, etc. I finally gave up. I was in a mission to cook.

I was initiating emergency “family dinner.” There would be gluten free pork sliders, apples, goat cheese, and wine. Was there juice? Of course not, unless we count the wine. We’re their cookies? Of course there were, but they would be gluten free. This was comfort food done right, kinda. It would be eaten outside under the porch while the hurricane was blowing in. There would be wine and friends. Maybe it wasn’t the healthiest, but by golly, it was great for the soul and delicious. I learned in this little adventure that half the fun of cooking is breaking the typical recipe and finding things that work for your lifestyle.

Over the next days more scouring cookbooks, not just healthy ones. Part of the fun of this adventure is experimenting with substitutions. I read through blogs and and magazines. I created my arsenal of meals for the coming days. Stuffed eggplant, zucchini pizza, blake bean burger and eggs, the list goes on. This planning would prove to be necessary given the intense craving for sweets that would come two days later…that however is a sad story for another day.

You can follow the day to day adventure on twitter or instagram. @whitlgarland specifically #heregoeseverything


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