Make it Irrelevant

{Hub City Farmer’s Market & Fresh Pickens Haul}

I suppose this is where I’m supposed to tell you that I feel wonderful and I’ve never had more energy. That is not the case. I’m exhausted and sore and whiney. That pretty much sums me up. I have yet to perfect the art of juicing like others and the crop of veggies is not ideal. In fact the haul that you see above is almost gone and what isn’t gone has gone bad. The good, the interesting, the education, yes it exists…

1. Education. I have read so many wonderful blogs, tips, and recipes. I have read stories, pros and cons, and theories. I first found this overwhelming until I just started letting it absorb. There are so many conflicting ideas out there and I found just taking notes on all of them and only absorbing those from nutritionists and some doctors or them notes that showed up the most was the way to go. Knowing why I have to make changes makes the first paragraph worth it. Knowing how to do it makes the first paragraph irrelevant. If I had one tip for anyone transforming there daily diet it would be, “The key is to make the difficult days irrelevant.” The end goal for me has existed for years, get healthy, get my body back to prime, don’t get out at frost cause your slow, regain flexibility, the list goes on and on. That has never stopped me from the fountain coke or cookies. Last night when all I wanted was a coke and fries, I reached back in my new found database and reminded myself what the coke and fries would do to my metabolism, energy levels, hormones, immune system, teeth, whole body and that was enough. The desire that comes over me like a freight train for that rich acidic and bubbly goodness existed, but became irrelevant and dismissible.

2. I’m in the beginning days. So of course I can be hopeful that forever I will stick to this, I have learned a lot from my past. The 2 biggest lessons: “take one day at a time” and “you can not control others, you can only control how you respond.” This change is just that for me, one day at a time. My friends still eat all that I can will not, biscuit cinnamon rolls, chips, bread, pasta, ect. As much as I want to change there eating as well to make it easier, I will can not. Furthermore, your mental and emotional self….

3. I learned a great lesson Sunday and Monday. The only person who knows what is best for you is you. I was out in a position that I thought would bring me closure and redemption. I would be lying if I did t say that I had been waiting for a long time to not only plead my case but learn that in months of blaming myself for the demise of a friendship, it was in fact not all me. During the encounter I found more peace and realized something…it never mattered. I had let it go long ago. I held onto something that God had taken away. As I sat alone after, I realized that I had to remove any possible ramifications, any ill will, any negativity. Because in the end, just like the pains of exhaustion and soreness and whininess, the redemption, anger, and resentment are irrelevant. Change is hard and if you are doing it for anyone but yourself, you will get sucked in to disappointment and lost expectations. In other words, get your head in the game.

Here goes everything….

…lifetimes of paper rainbows. W

You can follow my tweet to tweet/picture to picture journey on twitter and insta.gram. User name @whitlgarland. I have hashtagged everything #heregoeseverything


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