15 Year Old Me

Dear 15 Year Old Whit,

You will turn 30 in 15 years. True story, you will actually double in age. I have composed a list of little tidbits for you. Please, read, absorb, and know that 30 year old you barely knows what she is talking about.

1. Where sunscreen. Keep doctors appointments. Floss. Seriously, do it. If not, which you obviously don’t, you will have surgery for melanoma (again) and find out you need a root canal, all the week of your 30th birthday.

2. Smile. Through everything, but don’t be afraid to ask for help. At 30 you’re in a tough spot still with this one. Accept and be grateful.

3. You will think you are in love 3 times. You will fall in love once. Each love will mold you, but the one is core shaking, mind blowing, make you question anything and everything kind of love. Learn your lessons here. When a red flag is there, turn, walk.

4. Lafayette is a great place. Show the town respect and it will respect you.

5. At some point you learn to run from emotions and problems. Stop. Instead run a 5K, heck, I’d settle for a block. Seriously, get off your lazy bum and stop getting out at first base.

6. Stop now with the coke! It’s an awful, mean drink, and your 30 year old self in a last ditch effort to quit will make a deal to not have a coke for every birthday wish. 167 days. Your 30 year old self is on day 3. She wants to murder you.

7. Don’t yell at your brother in the driveway. The end.

8. You will fall in love with a pup in 3 years. Train her properly then.

9. Never Let anyone tell you who to be friends with.

10. Use your hands, head, and heart in every decision you make. When you apply this rule, things work out for you.

11. Things that are difficult will get better, maybe not easier, but better. Things that appear easy, they are not.

12. Never confuse simple with easy. Appreciate simple. Recognize simple. Simplicity is the lack of confusion and the presence of knowledge. Easy is a lack of knowledge, ignorance, bliss like that is short lived.

13. Don’t ever hesitate to cheer for the purple and gold. It’s okay to be the crazy fan and shotgun a beer well into your 20’s, as I write this, I say, into your 30’s as well. Only on game days!

14. There will be huge decisions to be made. You’ll regret some. Let it go.

15. Dance. You can’t do it well, but do it anyways.

16. The night you make that paper rainbow, cherish it. That night will be the pivotal point in your faith. It will always bring you back…30 year old W


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