Notches on the Table Post

It should come as no surprise that I love food.  I love to cook it. I love to eat it. I love to take pictures of it. I love to write about it. There is not much I will not try and not many forms of calories I will turn down.  In the words of an old friend, “I love calories, fried calories, sauteed calories, grilled calories…” I suppose what I mean to say is in the past year I have found myself obsessed with the food culture of Lafayette. You have a great mix of people who are passionate about different forms of cooking and ingredients. I find this to be amazing. Especially since I like it in all forms.

I plan on doing weekly, if not more, installments of a “Notches on the Table Post” series. I thought about backing up and recapping, but I thought, eh, where is the fun in that. So instead I am simply starting today. I have no promises about what will come from this, but I imagine this an extension of prior crEATe/grEATness posts. Be it cooking, restaurants, or just food shopping, I will be sharing my favorites!

If you would like to follow this on insta.gram: @whitlgarland and I will be using the hashtag #tablepostnotches

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happy eating…lifetimes of paper rainbows. W


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