This was written April 18, 2006 : Checking Progress today.

Disclaimer: In looking for a story my dad wrote in honor of fathers day (which I have yet to find!) I thought I would share. You see he was a brilliant writer. A brilliant story teller.  At least that is what I am told. If you are hoarding any Kerry Garland stories written by him…please, I beg of you, send them this way. They all make me laugh quite hard.  None the less I remembered I had pulled an article the Mr. Hilburn of Louisiana Tech had written about my father when he found his school i.d. in his desk drawer a year after his death.  In finding this on an old and ancient blog from my college days, it was attached to a list tilted “This is What I Want.” Bahaha…this is my progress. 

Okay so Bob said that he was sad at the lack of blogging on myspace…so in my true procrastinating nature I shall write while I listen to some John Butler Trio. I love to write…maybe I will beat Bob to the book one day.

As I sit here designing an awesome jewelry store full of the most beautiful jewelry out there and houses my dream engagement ring(don’t get any ideas boys…I must wait…don’t all rush to me at once…just joking). I think about what I want to do when I get out of here.

This is what I want to do:

1. I want someone who can take care of me and I can take care of them, emotionally and monetarily. I want someone who I do not have to see everyday, but everyday they take five minutes to ask how my day was. I want someone who I don’t have to cuddle with, but we can rest our feet in each others lap at the end of a bad day. I want someone who will put me in my place when I am being a bitch, and will let me put them in their place when they are being an ass. I want someone who loves Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Jack Johnson, and draft beer(preferably Killian’s or Newcastle). I want someone who will embrace my drama not add to it. I want someone who is not my father but my support. I want someone who has passion to do what they love. I want someone who is not concerned with the millions they would love to make, but concerned with making each experience in their life absolutely priceless. I want someone who loves beer, good food, stupid movies, and dancing to music in just there underwear in the living room and all over the house.

I should have been reading this a year ago, and to think I didn’t know what I wanted.  The good thing, I am not with a person that is none of these things.  I have yet to settle myself down to find this person, but in due time my loyal readers…in due time, inspiration will strike. 

2. I want to do nothing…when I say nothing I mean I want to be me. I live on the emotion I feel when I start designing and drawing. I want to go to work and love what I do so much that the only thing that brings me home is the kiss I am going to get from the person who fufills number 1.

Okay I have to admit…I have a pretty fabulous little work life.  My bosses are amazing. I get to talk to people all day, however, I am not drawing and designing as a career…I haven’ t decided if this is a good thing.
3. I want to strengthen my faith. This is big. There are so many questions I have, I want to try to answer them.
This is a life long journey.  I can say with absolute certainty that since this statement was written, my faith as definitely strengthened… immeasurably.

4. I want to sit with friends and talk about everything from the random color of the sky to LSU’s new line-up.

Check. Check.

5. I want to find home.

I think I have sung my praises of Lafayette, Louisiana quite enough for one blog. Beyond the geography though…I found home in a little routine and life that I have become quite fond of. I have found a little home in the hearts of tried and true friends and some pretty quality new ones.  I have found my home in hanging out with my brother, my family.  Home will be strengthened once more when my mom gets here…1 year, eh mom?

6. I want to go to Grad School, and hopefully get my masters of architecture at LSU.

no comment…no desire for this anymore…most of the time no desire.

7. I want to fill my half empty cup and I want to help fill someone elses too.

I’d say this is quite the life long accomplishment as well…but on more occasions than I can count, my cup runneth over.

So should you see me along my journey to do this please lead me in the right direction if you see me veer, and if for any reason you feel that I am not fun anymore, tell me. I want to be fun(Bob you are in charge of leading the pack on this one). I don’t ever want to take myself so serious that I can not remember what I was living for to begin with.

I will end with a passage written by Mr. Hilburn about my dad…this is who I want to be:
“Kerry had a special quality about him. It was a quality that calls up clichs when you try to get it down on paper, but you may know a few people like Kerry. He was always smiling. He was always wanting to know how your work was going. His interest was genuine. You felt good just being around Kerry Garland. He trusted you and you trusted him. You were just glad to see himin class, in your home the night he and Times editorial writer George Bradley drove up unexpectedly, in the coffee shop across from The Times Building.”


2 responses to “Progress?

  1. Whitney, do you have all of the articles he wrote on microfish? (I think that is what it’s called.) I had them somewhere, but if you have them, I won’t start looking for them.

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