picking favorites

{ME (18), NANA, CAMERON(10) }

I was asked a question today, “What is your favorite restaurant?”

You would think this would be a tough question. I love food. I like all sorts of food.  If you ever follow my instagram feed you will see that I photograph lots of food.  If you follow my twitter, I tweet about food. I am a fat kid. no doubt about it. out of all the restaurants, I went for one…a little fish restaurant in Dodson, Louisiana.

The food was good, but not great.  The atmosphere left much to be desired, but my company.  My company was something that I can’t get back.

In 2003 my Nana passed.  Six months later, Papaw followed her.  These were two of the most opposite people I have ever known.  My mom may tell you something different, but I always saw them as perfect opposites. Perfect little puzzle pieces.  They were what I still want in a team-mate, in a partner, in a marriage.  I saw my Nana care for her husband and put him in his place and keep that house together like no other.  I saw my Papaw reward her with “sugar” before bed and by letting the dogs do the dishes by making sure there was no food left on the plate.

Each morning he would get up and go feed the catfish in their ponds and she would make us homemade cinnamon rolls.  Those cinnamon rolls are legit as well.  My mom has perfected the art, and I suppose I should start practicing.  Papaw would ask us to pass the “salve” also known as butter and spoke sweetly and softly.  Nana almost had a stroke when she heard of my navel ring back in college.  They were grandparents of the perfect kind.

When my mom remarried, I stayed with Nana and Papaw while she honeymooned.  She left me with activity books for each day.  Nana worked on them with me, each and everyday, but only after I fed the fish with Papaw.

When they came to Slidell, my Papaw tattled on me after kissing a boy.  I can remember his words, “Well Terry, I’d say your daughter has been getting her some sugar with that boy.” Part of me was mortified, but the other part wanted to high-five him.

As I type this, I feel my eyes heavy because for the first time in seven years I think the concept of losing someone has hit.  This is a concept that has never really affected me like it has others.  I tend to say good-bye and bottle the rest, but that restaurant, that restaurant was the last place we all went together.  That plate of catfish was the last meal I had with my Nana and wouldn’t you know it, the last time I went to see my Papaw he tried to give me all his catfish.  That place may not be anything special to anyone else, but that place will always be ours.  For that, I am grateful for the speed trap us Louisiana Tech gals and guys call Dodson, LA.  That speed trap is a little paper rainbow that had it not been for a question today, I would have never acknowledged.

…lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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