if we are being honest

If we are being honest:

Sometimes things are not so great. Even when everything seems to go right, there is always that little period that it seems like the world falls apart. If I am being honest, this is one of those weeks for two communities around me. All we can do is hit our knees hard and have faith.

With the storms comes something awesome though. We are reminded that there is something more important than I our individual wants and needs. There is a life out there that is fragile and precious. In a split second life can change, and while it seems cliche to say, “value every little moment,” I think it all goes a little bigger than that. I think it gets down to the awesomeness that is community. With the fragility, you find the strength we have in numbers.

Community is something that I have known is strong in Louisiana. It’s a Louisiana Love that sometimes I can’t even speak of, as the words never seem to be enough. I saw it each time a hurricane hit. I see it with the Saints fans. I am proud to see it with the disappearance of a 21 year old Lafayette girl and brought to tears when I see it with the hardships of a high school friends. Community is something we often see happen when the chips are stacked against us. I suppose it is my hope that these hardships show us the power of standing as one. Show us what mountains can be moved as a community.It is my hope that the calm after the storm is the peace of a happy ending, but the silver lining is that we one day don’t need tragedy to come together.

My hope is that these tragedies and hardships teach us lessons that keep us together. My hope is that we continue to care for each other and the place we live as a community. In the face of tragedy, that would be one heck of a silver lining to throw back in the Devil’s face.

If we are being honest, everyday, our neighbors need us. If we are being honest, each day we tend to stand alone. If we are being honest, we are much stronger when we stand together.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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