best advice given

So let me start by saying I am 29 years old.  In July I will hit the big 30. I have been given a lot of advice in this lifetime. Some of it I followed, like when my mom said, “Make sure you date someone who is a good kisser!” This may seem trivial, but trust me, it was some of my favorite advice and has saved me a lot of broken heart I am sure.  Some of it I should have followed. Like when my mom told me to wait to get a dog till I was out of college. There was always advice on the broken hearts, dating, school, job, and so on and so on.  I must admit at 29 years old I was pretty sure I had heard all the advice I needed to in this lifetime.  I now just needed to start applying it.  In my own little head my 20’s is a time to make mistakes and take advice and my 30’s will be a time to apply the advice I got in my 20’s.  Who knows what the 40’s would be for…way to far away.  I have a point.  I was sitting on a bench on Sunday, March 18th. I was telling one of my bests all about my confusion, my crush, my night prior.  As we recapped like girls do, I said what I really didn’t want to say, but had been thinking. “What if this is all in my head? What if I lose all the awesome that exists now?” She told me very calmly, “You have to appreciate that you have it now. You have to appreciate that you are learning what you want. You have to appreciate the here and now.”

I let it marinate and mocked her for a few.  It wasn’t that I thought she was wrong, but it seemed like such an unnatural thing to do.  I mean, I want what I want. Why in the world would I not focus on getting it and focus on the appreciation. Today I learned why.

I ran into the most precious little girl I have every had the pleasure of meeting. I was lucky enough to be a part of her life for years and she taught me more about magic and what it means to love and how to get what you want than I have learned from adults 10 times her age.  Today she gave me a hug and told me about school. She asked me how my dog was.  She high-fived me. She let me hug her again.  She waved at me as I pulled out of the parking spot and until I drove away.  It was in that moment I knew why the most important thing I could do was appreciate that this little grasshopper of a girl exists in my life.

It has been a rough two weeks.  Things haven’t really gone according to my plan and this week started out fairly odd. When I drove that car away, I found myself wanting to cry, but instantly remembering the advice given just days before, “Appreciate the here and now.” In changing one little mindset from sad to drive away into appreciating that I got to hug and learn about the magic of recess, changed my entire attitude.  I smiled. My weeks were suddenly pushed back into alignment. She was my paper rainbow and I am so appreciative of that.

The simplest and best advice, appreciate.

Appreciate the job you have.

Appreciate thaoutcome.t you got to play the game.

Appreciate that you get to spend time with him/her now.

Appreciate the here/now, don’t dwell on the outcome.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W

Lagniappe: Thanks for the advice Olivia


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