I am not a balanced person. I can barely, scratch that, can’t balance a checkbook.  No really I never passed accounting 101. I rarely can walk, talk, and chew gum at the same time. I am a very excited and passionate person.  Chances are if you are excited, I will get excited with you.  I am an idea girl. I am a girl that rarely balances rational and idealism.  I say yes much more than I say no, thus causing a long to-do list.  I am a lot of things. I am excited, happy, stressed, trusting, hopeful, faithful, sometimes pissy, but balanced, yeah that word doesn’t fit into my description.
Each new year we make a list of things that we are going to do.  A list that usually consists of lose weight, save money, stop drinking coke, etcetera. I have made these very same resolutions.  This year I decided to just tell myself to do things.  I would say, “Yo, gah, run a 5K.” or “Stop whining and dance.” or “Forgive, silly.  Just forgive.” and “Yo! I told you to forgive, that includes yourself.” Somewhere on those list of things to tell myself, which I call my 2012 Manifesto I wrote, “Learn to walk the tightrope.” I am going to let that marinate a bit.  Has it marinated? This is not a deep seeded task of balancing the different aspects of our lives. This is a very cut and dry goal. I will learn to walk a rope that is about 2″ wide. I call it tightroping (or on any given day, let’s watch Whit bust her ass), but the pros call it slack lining. I promised y’all last month I would update and I keep my word.
You will notice 2 things:
1. I have decided I want to be able to jump on the rope, stick the landing, and arms up….right now this just happens in my mind.
2. I have learned that a crash pad is best.
Tip I have learned: Keep a slight bend in your hips and knees.
Happy Balancing.
lifetimes of paper rainbows…W

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