Pinterest – inspired

I set up and got invited to pinterest long ago.  I was an awful “pinner,” almost as awful and consistent as my blogging.  I wonder if there is a right and a wrong way to pin.  I always want to link up with the original and sometimes things have been repinned, so many times i am not really sure where they came from.  Then there is the fact that I get “inspired” to create so much, that my ADD is kicked into overdrive.  Today I learned why people pin, why people scour the internet for hours.  We are all looking for information and inspiration.  Today on @kal‘s pinterest wall I found it.  I needed to hear it and I think it applies to everything we do in this life.  I think it is a lesson for creators of art, architecture, businesses, and so on.  It was my paper rainbow this morning. For you non-pinterest followers:

Go. Keep Creating. Inspire others.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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