Conquering the Tight Rope

Here we are a little bit more than halfway done with January 2012.  I mentioned last week that I wrote out my manifesto.  Part of my manifesto was to walk the tight rope.  Let me explain. 

My friends opened a boot camp gym.  The trainer Justin put this rope across it.  I was intrigued.  He informed me that balancing on it works your core and balance.  It takes a lot of balance and core strength to start walking.  It also as I quickly learned takes a lot of mental strength.  I find myself repeating in my head over and over as I try to stand, “You are a balanced person. You are a balanced person.”  This of course isn’t the case nine times out of ten, but none the less, for those minutes I can feel what it is like to attempt balance. This is the month 1 video.  I intend on recording my attempts to see how far I have come.  As you can see in the last frame…I stood for about 5 seconds. Oh-my-awesomeness



I find it is easier barefoot.  Others say with shoes.  I say this means I need a pair of Vibrams.

Keep your chest up.  DO NOT lean forward.

Find a focal point. Focus.

Music helps.  I like to put on the Jason Mraz Pandora station…it is the perfect tight rope combo: calm, fun, balanced.

Use your entire body to balance. 

Start with pushing the rope down and keeping it still and unwavering, then try to pick your other leg up.

Alternate legs.  Don’t want one being stronger than the other.

Now go forth and be balanced.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W



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