creating a manifesto

I recently was turned on to the Creating Clever blog.  It was a site that made me happy and kinda reminded me what I set out to do with my ramblings in the first place.  I got really interested in the Do Good Project that was happening with it.  So much so that it inspired me to do something crazy awesome, but that is announcements in the coming weeks, stay tuned…really tuned that is going down in May and a lot will be revealed in the coming weeks…hint : it involves my foster banana.  Last week or so Creating Clever issued a challenge to write a manifesto for the coming year.  I really liked this idea, so challenge accepted. I will let my short simple “will’s of the heart” speak for themselves. 

If nothing else in 2012, remember to find the paper rainbows…

…lifetimes of them.  W

UPDATE: I am becoming a master tight roper…watch out world!


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