365.25 days

New Year’s Eve pops in and out of our lives each year. It comes as a time to remind us of where we were and were we resolve to be. I, myself, have never really been a fan of this day. I suppose maybe the day comes with fear that there are drunks on the road and crazies in the night…that would be a respectable reason if it was true. I suppose if I am being honest, it is a fear that once again the calendar is changing, and with that it forces me to evaluate things I could start again, improve upon, and do again. In short it is a time of resolution.

Maybe it is my past experience, but I find myself finding huge flaws in year long resolutions, but I believe in setting goals. One day at a time seems much more honest than 365 days at a time…who knows, by this time next year you could very well have 365 days. However, if for some reason you don’t, by giving yourself permission to start a new day each day, you could have 156 days of achieved goals, or 362, or 202, or 45. Maybe it is just me, but it seems as if 362, 202, 156, or even, 45 days of success is better than a goal given up. With that, I share my daily resolutions, and their back story (condensed):

1. Today I resolve to settle for nothing less than the “Sean Wine Guy Effect” in any of my relationships: friends, family, significant others, etc. (disclaimer: this story when read may sting a very special friend. I am so regretful of my action, but so grateful for the outcome. You are my favorite, and the universe has bigger plans for us.)

Years ago, I sat on steps waiting for my best to get home. I had just gotten in from back home, and he was stuck in traffic. I had a bottle of wine and called him to see when he would be back. As I was having this conversation, a handsome bloke walked up the stairs. I said in what I thought was a whisper, “Jim, you didn’t tell me you had a hot neighbor.” the bloke looked down at me and smiled. I then panicked just knowing he heard me. In utter humiliation, hung up and with all the courage I had, walked up the 4 stairs, knocked on the door he walked in and asked for wine opener. He invited me in and asked if I needed a glass. “Pft, I’m from Louisiana, the bottle will do, but if you’d like some, grab a glass.” He laughed and walked to the stairs, we opened my wine and parted. He left me with a glass just in case. I didn’t know his name, and he didn’t know mine, but I knew he was from Tempe, coached football, and had the most gorgeous crooked smile. Jim walked up soon after and we planned our night while I stared and giggled at a wine glass. I had to return it. I did…with a note, “thanks for the glass. Whit. 985-640-4048” (not my current number: don’t harass whomever’s it is) I left it with some guy at his place that wasn’t him and left it alone as my boyfriend called. I was reminded of my best friend on the other end, a guy that got me, but I kept replaying Tempe’s crooked smile. I got a text hours later. I remember that text vividly, “Louisiana lady, you are welcome. Enjoy your night. Sean” the rest was a week of back and forth. And then we faded. A month or two later, the phone dinged. It was him. We flirted. We planned. On July 15, 2007, after talking for 3 hours we ended the convo by grabbing a burger. We planned a date 3 days later. It was that night at a bar in Houston over a pitcher of firemen’s 4 he grabbed my head and kissed me. It was in that kiss I knew one thing: the course of my life changed. In one night I was with a person that made me want to be a better person. A person that looked at me and saw something greater than anything I saw in myself. It was that feeling that I deemed as the “Sean Wine Guy” effect.

Today, I resolve to be surround myself with people who make me feel that way.

2. Today, I resolve to be the person my dog(s) see me as.

I had the pleasure of fostering the sweetest pup the past couple months. She taught me a lot. Little lessons like, never underestimate the power of a paw and a pup that wants a belly rub. She looked at me with eyes of hope, gratitude, and excitement. I’m quite positive she thought I was a super hero that rescued her from a burning building. All because I showed her love. How much more we/I could enrich lives by merely showing love and kindness. It is something that I do not do enough, and I’m quite positive there are some of you nodding in agreement reading this. If you are one of those, “I love you more than fountain cokes, more than chocolate cupcakes, more than the color gray. I love you. I cherish you. I like you.”

Today I resolve to tell you how much you mean to me.

That’s it, two simple things I will to throw in my routine today. I think 2012 will be full of love, laughs, and, of course, box wine. Till next time…happy new year and…

Lifetimes of paper rainbows….W


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