I am thankful

In the past year I have lost this blog. I knew I never wanted to share all aspects of my life on here and then life got a little overwhelming. The creating stopped. The google reader stopped. The things I had to talk about were heavy and deep, just like the life that was happening around me. So I didn’t share, because let’s face it…it was personal to me and the people that were going through it.

From this time last year, there was heartbreak and medical dramas. There was broken down cars and broken down spirits. There were nights that I was quite certain would never turn into day. In that there was something that spectacular that happened. I rediscovered friendships, passions, careers, myself… in that spirit I am thankful for so many things in 2011.

Now I realize that the year is not over, and I am not in anyway rushing it. I am so excited to finish out the year- if for nothing else to make a killer pot of gumbo, LSU in Atlanta (and God willing playing for a national championship), Christmas parties and outfits, soup dinners, and a laughter that can only come from the holiday spirit. Plus December will answer the question on everyone’s mind: Will there be a rematch for LSU and Bama? Bama has made their case. I am one gal that is all for it…this is a discussion for another day.

I suppose I am, most thankful that thanksgiving came once again. It is that holiday that stays humble, as it is often overlooked. We find ourselves planning Halloween costumes and then jumping into christmas lists. If you are reading this and find yourself a football fan in the south, another holiday was snuck in there – LSU at Bama, and a case could be made in the heart of Cajun country that UL home games became mini holidays in themselves, as they deserved to be. Still in all the crazy that is November, thanksgiving made its appearance. Reminding us that he existed and more than that, he came bearing food, family, and fun. How blessed we are that he did.

Thank you my friends for visiting my musings each and every time. I hope this Christmas season treats you with love and sparkles.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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