happiness on a plate: breakfast

So in all honesty, I rarely eat breakfast at breakfast time.  My breakfast is made up of a delightful protein shake.  Don’t be jealous.  With that being said, breakfast food is my favorite food of all the foods.    

There is my all time favorite: FRENCH TOAST! In all honesty my favorite French toast is my own. If it is not mine, I like the buttery perfectly cooked kind with powdered sugar placed perfectly on top.

It wasn’t too long ago I hopped on over to Dwyer’s in downtown Lafayette to grab a bite one Sunday after a long Friday night.  I have to say, I was quite impressed.  Still prefer mine, but theirs was not half bad.  My judge of perfect french toast is the less syrup it needs dumped on top, the better it is.  I only put a smidgen.  So in my book, that makes Dwyer,s a suitable choice for my French toast cravings.

Okay so when I was back at home, I can remember my mom busting up a can of biscuits, cutting them up in quarters, and dropping them in the grease.  Then we’d shake them around in powdered sugar.  Oh-My-Awesomeness.  Biscuit Begneits.  Imagine my excitement when I met some friends at Another Broken Egg and found them.  Theirs were delightful as they were served with this perfect orange infused honey-ish sauce. There is something to be said for nostalgia.  My only complaint about my visit to Another Broken Egg was the 7 dollar mimosa…I mean really, I see you using 2 dollar Andre…pull it together.  No need for that. 

 There is the occasion when I want a perfect lil’ muffin around 10 ish.  Then I start thinking about all the crud I shove in my body and I start to feel all guilty.  I start thinking about all the carbs I deep fry, soak in butter, and/or top with powdered sugar.  That was until I found BiBi’s Patissere.  BiBi’s is a gluten-free and sugar-free bakery and this little gem to your right is a southern pecan muffin!  It was amazing.  I could not have been happier and I was a little bit nervous about my goods that I got there.  Definitely worth checking out.  They had all sorts of treats, brownies, cupcakes, cookies…etc.  Go love them and eat!

Okay so I did save my favorite little dish for last.  Not too long ago my dearest mom came in town.  Before she left she, my brother, and I stopped in a French Press. We waited about 45 minutes for a table and then a good hour for the food…If I am really being honest, I was quite frustrated, but then this little number came.  This my friends is a Cajun Benedict.  Biscuit, boudin, egg, and chicken-n-sausage gumbo in one delightful bowl.  It was so good.  So so good.  It had mind erasing powers and I didn’t even remember that I waited so long to eat.  I have an annual gumbo cooking day.  I can’t wait to try this with my awesome pot of goodness.  So moral of this story, go get this dish, but make sure you got time.  Lil’ lagniappe: the meatloaf sammich is delightful as well.  I have heard great things about their entire menu, but I have yet to get through it all.  In time…I will. 

With that I will wrap up the breakfast edition of this little adventure.  Go forth and eat my friends. 

If you haven’t clicked here to register for this month’s giveaway, do it.  It will be full of all things awesome, like: custom recipe cards, Covington Brew’s, local spices, etc.  Most importantly, share with your friends.  Till tomorrow, go forth and crEATe grEATness!

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W



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