happiness may come on a plate: bar food

I don’t think I have ever made any secret of the fact that I love food.  I love all the forms food comes in.  I have the awesome pleasure to live in a city that was voted “best of the road – for food” by Randy McNally in 2011 and also live in a city that has more restaurants per capita than any other place in the world.  Not to mention the great No Reservations that I finally got the chance to watch (here’s the recap for you).  Welcome to Lafayette Whitney. 

I originally intended this post to recap all my recent grEATness adventures, but alas I found it was becoming quite the post.  So this week, there will be 5 installments: Bar Food, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert.  I know you are climbing on the edge of your seat!  Monday – Friday people, get ready!

 Fat Pat’s – 626 Verot School Road  Lafayette, LA 70508 – If I want chili, hot dogs, cheese, etc, etc…I’m going.  Preferably on a Sunday when the hot dogs are 3 dollars.  I have an unhealthy obsession with chili dogs, this one is by far my favorite.  Plus they have 2 for 1 beer, all day everyday.  What can I say, it gets and A in my book.

My favorite Fat Pat’s trip was with the great Cam, my brother.  We made our way over there and got a booth.  All the booths have T.V. so this made it great.  While others watch ESPN, we watched the How I Met Your Mother season finale.  It made my little heart dance.  That night I got the pounded pork sandwich, which comes on the most delightful bun I have ever eaten.  

 While we are on the topic of bar food…on Thursday nights, I play kickball…which means my dinner is the same thing every Thursday, Legends.  Best Hawaiian burger, but this clean plate was my other fave – the Shrimp Quesadillia.  I know it would probably be best to take a picture of the whole thing, but I was really hungry.  It was a long, muddy night of kickball that week. Also totally worth it to get a bag of these sweet onion chips…it is like sugary onion goodness in a bag.  My mouth is watering thinking about it.  I am typing this about 2 miles from one location…and it is not 2am yet….I could go get some, but alas, work in the morning. Conundrum.

Now I know…for being a city that is so rich in flavor both culturally and literally it seems ridiculous that I would talk to you about chili dogs, burgers, chips, bar food in general, but I am starting small people.  Still up on my list of grEATness is “Cajun Benedict,” “Smoked Chicken + Collard Green Slaw,” “Smoked Shrimp Burritos,” and “New Orleans BBQ Shrimp,” to name a few.  So I am starting out small, trust me on this one.  Plus at the end of it, for one lucky reader, I have a gift and trust me, it is totally worth it.  It will include a bit of each post.  So think drinks and food!

This week kicks off a revamp of all things to come. I promised myself when I got a certain number of hits a day I would step up my internet participation.  I am re-launching myself in the world.  So in order to win, you must share my site.  There will be regular giveaways including letterpress greetings, art, and soon sponsorships.  Some will be geared specifically for Lafayette and the surrounding areas, but most will be anywhere.  This is something I have worked really hard on and had up my sleeve for some time.  I just finally got the guts to do it. So thanks for the support guys 

This weeks giveaway requires a simple sign up here. What happens when you sign up?  When there is a giveaway, you will find out.  Plus in this format it allows me to see where my readers are coming from geographically and therefore gear my creations, writings, and business towards you!  Thanks so much for your support

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W

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