I often times wonder how productive I really am in this life. I mean there are plenty of things I accomplish. I learned to swim, ride a bike, cook a good pot of gumbo, graduated college, got a job, got another job, have a great place to live, have awesome friends, the list goes on. That seems pretty productive.  I often times look at my list of things to do and I wonder where the time went.  One day it’s monday and before we know its friday and the “work week” is over.  This work week ended and we embark on the phenomenal labor day weekend.  This makes me happier than my discovery of Nutella (I know I am late to the ball game people).  I have a list of things I want to get done, and most of them are awesome creative things.  Magazine designs, new business cards, save the dates, and more new business cards. I want to clean out the studio and get rid of a lot of the “art” supplies I will never use. I want to organize the office.  I will figure out if the studio should move downstairs and just leave the studio as the guest bedroom – technically it is my bedroom when company comes.   The possibilities for the long weekend are endless. 

In preparation for the weekend, I wanted to get the creative juices flowing.  So I started doodling.  I ripped off pieces of trash paper and just went to town.  Only to realize that I really want to order more markers.  Then something happened.  I bought a card for my brother for his birthday and I thought, heck, I could make this and so I did come home and make him one too, because well the one I found was actually very much me.  I went to town with so many little images and wondered at what point I would actually start doing something with my doodles. The mind starts to wonder and then that’s where my un-productivity comes in…I get so side tracked in my doodles and creations that my to-do list takes the back seat.  So with that said, this weekend I will get the first draft of everything on my to do list done.  Expect updates. 

Till then…

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W

Lagniappe: I am obsessed with Insta.gram


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