the list vs the idea

So often I find myself torn between the to do list and the ideas that are forming in my head. I am in a city that is full of entrepreneurs and people with ideas that made them come to life, thus finding myself inspired to do something like only do freelance invitations, designs, and write. I find myself wanting to illustrate my children’s book and really do it (this time). I find myself wanting to take what started as a joke between two girls and then moved into a conversation with 2 girls and a guy and make it something awesome. I find myself completely over the list of practical and in love with the idea.

To most of you this may not seem like anything different, but trust me…it is a fire that has been lit in my heart, that I can’t seem to contain. I am writing down all the ways that I could really make it happen. How can one make a decent living and still live off an idea?

Idealistically, I hear all the cliché pep talks that one could be given right now and on the other end, I hear all the rational reasoning as well. Please do not think this is Whitney about to start marking things off of a bucket list like she has 6 months to live, but…. it begs the questions:

“When did I become so scared to follow my dream/bliss/idea?”

“If every successful venture was started with an idea, at what point did it become rational to add the idea to the to do list?”

“How does one evaluate the list vs the idea, in other words, how can one really compare the rational to the dream?” (they are two forms of fulfillment.)

till next time when hopefully I have more answers than questions…

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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