kickin’ balls since…

errrrr….2011, but I’ve been bustin’ them since 1982.  Too much?!

So what does a girl do when she can’t sleep at 2:30 in the morning?  She catches up on all the projects she is behind on and works on the one that is completely irrelevant and so much fun, kickball shirts.

Expect weekly installments of kickball adventures and my teams quest for a championship.  Last season was my warm-up season.  Am I any better? Probably not.  Am I an amazing team mom? Getting better by the day.  Yesterday in an effort to be a better player, I decided to purchase the right equipment.  It has been raining for days upon days in Lafayette.  I won’t complain as it had not rained in prior in weeks.  It’s one extreme or another, I digress, naturally.  I headed over the to the athletic store and picked up 2 balls and some cleats.  You see there have been quite the number of injuries lately.  I figured fields are wet…and I don’t seem to be giving any of this up anytime soon, so might as well get the cleats.  I tried on a couple.  My left foot was loving it.  I purchased and left.  I got to the field and went to put them on…much to my delight I had purchased two left shoes. Story of my life, two left feet. When I took them back, they didn’t have the right shoe.  I still have no cleats.

till next time…lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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