maggie, maggie, where art thou

We’ve all met the gray dog. Maggie say hello.

This is Maggles starting about age, 6.  You can see she loves to hunt her duck Wally, She loves her mom.  She looks very powerful in shadows, and she likes to hang out in the car.  What you can not see is how she talks with her eyes. How she let’s me stand her up and do penguin impressions, meerkat impressions, and other various impressions of animals she is not.  She can curl herself up to fit perfectly into your lap.  She can open a peanut butter jar quite impressively when she wants.  She is an excellent theive in trash bags and quick when she finds a treat.  She is my perfect, little, mischievous pup and yesterday was the first day I realized she was more than just my perfect, little, mischievous pup…she is by friend.

You see I have a morning ritual.  I get up get dressed and all the while Maggles hangs out in the bed, on a pillow, in my box of tanks, really wherever she decided she would rest her little pup eyes the night before.  Then I grab my shake and call Mags downstairs.  We hang out outside for a bit and I go on to work.  This particular morning, yesterday, I ran inside and got my phone.  When I came back outside…Maggie had escaped.  After about 45 minutes of looking for her, I do believe that was the time I really thought she was gone.  I had to go to work, but I knew that if I left, that would be when she was really gone.  Alas my sweet neighbor, Michelle came out and volunteered to look for her.  About an hour later, Maggie was located.  She was hiding out about a half a block away under a car.  Evidently my panic screams led her to believe she was in trouble…who comes out when their in trouble? I was so thankful to find her. I was so thankful for my neighbor Michelle who let me cry on her shoulder.  I am very thankful that my pooch decided she would come and hang out with me for a bit longer. Here’s to many more years with the gray dog. 

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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