a place to lie my head

Update: The Gomila’s Rock! Option numero 3 will be gracing my bed.  Happy birthday to me!!!!

So I am trying to pull my house together.  I have been looking for the perfect bedding…I want yellow and gray.  Here are the three that are my options.  One will be a gift to myself…at some point.  Happy birthday to me, really early or really late.  My goal for the house is to keep the gray in every space eventually, but a different color in each space.  Red and Chartreuse are downstairs.  Rusted orange and gray in the dressing/bathroom.  Teal and gray in the second bedroom. Yellow and gray in the bedroom.

Choice 1

I have been a fan of Target’s Dwell collection for a while.  I like this one because it ties in the gray and yellow, plus some blue hues to tie my paintings in.  However, I am scared it could be too lavendar.  Would it translate if I never made the bed.  Is there enough yellow.  Take a look here.

Choice 2

Okay so I love this one. I love the textures and such.  I would be adding much more gray.  This seems like the most grown up option for my room.  It would mean I would really have to play around with everything else in the room to tie in the art and accessories.  It is also on sale, and would only cost me 70 dollars for the two shams and duvet. Check it out here.

Choice 3

Then there is this lil’ gem.  I like this one, in fact I love this one and like that it is on sale too – 60 dollars for the whole set.  My concern here is that it is really busy and I am not sure what the feel of it is.  It does have the blue tones to tie in the art and accessories.  You can check it out here.

I am really torn in all this madness.  I have some time to think, but at the same time, the bottom two are on sale at West Elm, so I only have so long.  I am hoping the decision will be made for me somehow.  One step closer to pulling the home together.   Holla!

lifetiemes of paper rainbows…W


One response to “a place to lie my head

  1. I like the first one. The second one looks like the inside of a casket to me.

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