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{annanewell onesie’s}

There is a point when you see something and it changes your life.  You realize that you don’t want to laugh and you may be dumber having watched it, but it did indeed change your life.  Thank you, you tube! In honor of those viral obsessions I am sharing some of my favorite handmade viral goodies. 

{honey badger mugs from corduroy}

{honey badger figurine from bonjourpourpette}

{collar stays – Hide your kids, Hide you wife from spiffingjewelry}

For those of you that have not watched Antoine Dodson…which how have you missed it?! or the Honey Badger video…do yourself a favor, give yourself a giggle and go watch it.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


4 responses to “viral obsessions

  1. those are the best onesies of all time…although wildly inappropriate for my traditional Ruston ways 😉

  2. Em- be ready your kid is getting all kinds of inappropriate onsies now from whit! Maybe one that says, “put the lime in da coconut”

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