staying on top

Getting to the top, well that seems to be the easy part.  Staying on top, that’s the tough part.  I play a little something, you may have heard of it, trivia?  Yes, no, maybe.  Of course you have!  For those that know me, I am a random schmorgesborg of useless knowledge.  Useless, being the operative word, because, said knowledge has not paid off in trivia.  This is erroneous! How can this be?!  I had built my ego around the fact that I was indeed an asset to all.  Who would have thought that was not the case. 

By looking at the picture to your left you would think we had all the ingredients to a winning night, positive attitude, brain food, and a brainstorming pad.  Alas, it was a disappointing night for team, That’s what she said. Typically we run a solid second place…last night, we tied for 4th or somewhere at the bottom.  {hangs head in shame}  We have two weeks to acheive brain wrinkles!  TWO WEEKS!

For the coming weeks I will be studying…the questions remains, how do you study for random trivia?

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W

Lagniappe: Wanna play some trivia, hang out with rocking awesome people, and drink free beer? Check out Acadiana Sports League.


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