Conversation v Banter

originally my plan was to talk all about my experience at the Eat Lafayette kick-off event and each restaurant.  I will give you the salt of my thoughts.  The restaurants brought their “A” game, I would love to give you the run down on each restaurant, but truth be told, the event was so crowded, that I usually didn’t know what I was eating.  The flight attendants taking the tickets for FlyLafyette were an awesome touch.  The wine and alcohol should have been more easily accessible. But…this event got me obsessed with another lil’ tidbit, conversations.

I had a run in soon after with a client that was also at said event.  We discussed how great the food was, but how we felt crammed and claustrophobic.  We started talking about what we would have done different and the things that were done right.  We then got into ideas for his business.  This was done when we bumped into each other at the coffee shop.  Next thing you know we are going back and forth making big plans for him, all in 10 minutes.  What a productive, unplanned conversation. 

I didn’t think twice about this, until I was playing around one night on twitter and came across a girl, of whom I don’t know, but I was intrigued by a local business that follows her.  So I started following @Heyitsmegan.  I didn’t think much of it at first, but somewhere along the way she posted something about starting a magazine and it took me to her website.  A girl with a whole marketing business based around Conversations.

Hey, It’s Megan…I have a company called Conversations that specializes in online marketing via conversations…

So this gets me thinking about what really happens in a conversation and if you are aiming for a purpose in a conversation, how do you get there most efficiently.  Here I am a girl who talks in circles.  I always have a point, but always take 10 minutes while another takes 2 to get a point across. 

Recently at work we had some corporate training.  The guy threw a bag of salt at us and told us the story of a UNICEF worker in Africa.  How he kept putting the facts, the science in front of people and they kept turning it down.  Then he just threw a bag of salt on the table and said, “This will save lives.”  It did, millions.  Why did that work better than the other? (1) Thud factor. (2) To the point.  He said something very valid, “You have to deliver your ‘salt’ in the time it takes to ride in an elevator, usually 30 seconds”

I have since, tested this theory.  Turns out, when I keep my mouth shut and only deliver the salt, the results are far better.  Then there is Hey it’s Megan, delivering the salt one social media outlet at a time. 

I sat with a friend on Thursday, who is launching a business.  I told him, never underestimate social media. I think I stared in his eyes and said, “Do you understand what I am saying? Never underestimate social media, people what to know it’s personal.” He’s stubborn, who knows if he’ll listen. 

It all makes you think a bit more about the conversations you have, in person or online.  What are you getting out of yours?  Did you deliver your salt?

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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