I think my exact words to my friend was, “I know the right thing to do.  I know what will be.  I just wish my heart would catch up to my head. I mean they are just stupid feelings.”  This statement has been sticking with me since I said it.  Isn’t it so true with so many of our passions.  Maybe a job, a relationship, a hobby, etc.  It gets so easy to get lost in what we love and what is rational. Our to-do lists become longer than we can imagine our heart says go for it, our head says give up, our hands work with furry.  Sometimes there are things that come together with such awesomeness that they can only be described as one thing, EPIC. In these little things(whatever it maybe: idea, painting, relationship, job, design, speech, etc) there was one thing that happened…the heart convinced the head and the hands never quit working.  God gave us a heart, a head, and hands for a reason…that reason is to be EPIC. To make the potential come to its full potential.  Sometimes it requires more strength than we knew we had.  Sometimes it requires us to abandon a pac, but the rewards of seeing something become EPIC are truly amazing.

Lately I have found my self inspired.  I am a light bulb turned on again – to use my friends analogy.  I want to share somethings that have inspired me.  I could go on and on, but I will share some of my top ones:

1. Link with Love:

Most of you know that Kal Barteski is one of my favorite artists/bloggers/designers to follow.  I follow her twitter and her love life blog.  Recently some of her art was used in an inappropriate manner.  Instead of taking it laying down, she tackled it head on. Thus inspiring a movement, Link with Love. I think they say it better than I ever could;

LINKwithlove is the idea that by banding together in a “neighbourhood watch” type way – we, the internet, could teach and learn respect when dealing with intellectual property online. It is our dream that art, music, photography, words, design, ideas, etc – be shared in a way that is respectful, educated and kind.

By teaching and supporting the proper ways to share intellectual property – we will make a difference.

from the Link with Love facebook page.

What an EPIC idea…such a simple idea that you think should never have to be said, but the true EPIC-ness comes in the idea that such a movement, a community could come together from one simple “golden rule.”  So go follow on twitter, on facebook, and of course, check out them out on the web.

2. Lafayette entrepeneurs (disclaimer: there are so many and they will all at some point be addressed in my mission to own lafayette.)

It is no joke that times have been tough.  I saw that when scouring the job market November 2009 until August 2010.  I was a fortunate one to have an aweosme support system and a job that got me by.  Thank you so much to those that stood by me.  Where as things are definitely picking up, but me and my coward self, I aspire to own my own business, but I don’t know that I coudl ever really do it.  So lets talk about a few that have.

Recently I got envolved in a little sports league.  Acadiana Sports League in Lafayette, LA.  It has been an awesome experience. I have met new friends.  I have gotten grueling workouts during Sunday football.  How awesome that one guy, had a passion, saw a window and took it.  Cheers to you Mr. Barker.  You can find out more about Acadiana Sports League on twitter, facebook, and on the web.  You can also follow Mr. Barker’s blog too.

Then there is another friend who I met through ASL.  I can’t help but admire his tenacity and drive to stay involved in the city.  He recently started his own consulting and marketing firm, Kinetic Marketing.  I swear the kid never stops working for people.  I can’t help but sit in awe of the drive of one person and a new and awesome company.  So cheers to you Mr. Bille.  #ownit  You can follow Kinetic Marketing as it launches itself into Lafayette on Twitter and on Facebook.  Website coming soon!

And then something that seriously has taking me by storm.  I love gelato.  I think my love of it started on a trip to California my senior year in college.  Since then…well fro-yo ain’t got nothing in my heart like gelato does.  There has been nothing, however, to really fill that empty place in my heart.  Out of nowhere came Carpe Diem gelato & Espresso. Opening soon, I couldn’t be more excited.  I never knew I could be more excited about frozen treats.  Cheers to you Carpe Diem and krewe! You can follow Carpe Diem on twitter, facebook, or of course on the web.

There are so many other Lafayette businesses that I have yet to address…but all in good time as it is my mission to know all that is this great city.

3. Art with a Mission:

St. Pierre’s Center for the Arts, I first discovered St. Pierre’s through a Second Saturday Art Walk.  They had the best pomagranite margaritas, the sweetest artists, and by far the best gallery. Their mission:

To improve the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities through art therapy.

The art in the gallery was simply amazing.  Each month a featured artist, beaming with pride and joy.  It is awesome.  It is EPIC.  You simply must follow and support them on facebook.

I am in awe of all of the above. When head + heart + hands come together, EPICness ensues…the above have shown this. Cheers!

This coming week: Eat Lafayette-Lafayette locally owned restaurants.  I trust that Tuesday night will give me plenty to talk about.

That is enough EPIC-ness for one night…I dont’ want overwhelm.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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