Exit 103 – I live here

When I moved here it became my 6th move in ten years.  I didn’t choose Lafayette.  I suppose you could say that Lafayette chose me.  My car broke down.  My boyfriend lived here. I lost my job.  I moved where my car was parked and my heart lied.  They say home is where the heart is, and he gave me butterflies.  1 year passed and I was pretty miserable.  I had no life, no friends, no fulfillment to speak of, and the relationship that once gave me butterflies, was giving us both ulcers.  6 months later the ball dropped.  Everything I had built my life around was no longer.  So it was up to me to make this place my home.  After all, Lafayette chose me, I didn’t know why, but it was about to become mine.  I had lived here way too long not to have tried local places that people raved about.  My mission has begun.

I had been in a much similar situation once before, Houston.  Which only goes to show the problem isn’t the geography, it’s the gal, but this time, I was in the south.  I was in a place where it was perfectly acceptable to eat and drink too much while dancing wildly with one hand in the air.  The food in Louisiana is amazing.  There is nothing like it.  It is rich and flavorful.  It is an art form.  There are seasons that center around it: Crawfish Season, Winter = Gumbo, Tomato Harvest, Strawberry Season…and then the non-food season Football Season.  With this said there is one thing I miss about Houston, that I have yet to be able to replace, even amongst a place centered around food, the restaurants.  Not necessarily for the food, but for the atmosphere.  I miss Saturdays at Barnaby’s on the porch with a bottle of white wine and ending with a big ole’ piece of cake.  I miss happy hour at Teotauichan(spelling).  I miss the patio, the margaritas, and the tacos at Taco Milagro.

Something happened yesterday….Something extroidenary.  I had been saying I was going to  eat at Taco Sisters for months now, but alas never made it over there.  Yesterday, I did….

{smoked shrimp taco with avocado}

The taco, I can’t explain, it was a soft tortilla full of smoked shrimp, avocado, apple, greens, tomatoes, celery, and this sauce…this sauce I can’t explain.  I sat outside and spoke with one of the sweet sisters as she watered her garden.  I sat under a giant umbrella.  I listened to music.  I enjoyed every bit of it.  I had found my little piece of good Houston in the center of Lafayette.  I dreamed of this taco all day.  All day until my friend put the idea of friend pickles in my head which now has me craving something much fattier, but definitely not better.  As I read through Taco Sisters menu it struck me that I wanted one of everything, and in time, it shall be done.  Until the next time I make it over there for lunch– Thank you Taco Sisters, for helping make Lafayette that much more awesome and my home! 

You can follow Taco sisters on Twitter, on Facebook, or visit their website!

Tomorrow… The Hilliard … my new lil’ heart and soul in my new(not so new) home.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


One response to “Exit 103 – I live here

  1. Thank you for such a lovely review….I look forward to meeting you again, let’s shake hands next time!?

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