the giraffe dream

okay so I had this dream last night. I woke up knowing exactly what it meant but now I want so badly to put it on a canvas.  Not really knowing quite how.  So instead. I will just tell you about this dream. 

I go to sleep in a wonderful mood as I had gone with the girls to see the Vagina Monologues here in Lafayette.  We of course had some drinks before and some dinner after.  It was one of those fabulous nights that you try to plan and very rarely does it actually get pulled off, but last night…it was pulled off.  Not to mention I looked fabulous as well.  True story.  That my friend is a story for another day. 

So I get home and get to bed. I curl myself in and fall asleep. I have this dream of a giraffe. I gentle thing of which shows up.  For a day, I play with it. I feed it. I invite it into my home.  I know I have to take it back, but I just can’t bring myself too, but come the end of the day, I do.  The next day the little giraffe finds its way back to my place.  I open my door to find that not only is the giraffe there, but with the giraffe is a heard of bulls, and then, I wake up. 

I know…strange, but then aren’t all dreams.  Point is.  It was one of those wildly bizarre dreams that would be a phenomenal painting!  Where as I didn’t get my giraffe dream quite on canvas yet, I did finally drag all the paints and stuff outside to start painting. 

{this is the view through my window from my desk…I can’t let you really see what I am working on}

I can’t explain the joy and the magic that comes over me when my fingers wrapped around the brush.  Then of course the next feeling was frustration when the paint didn’t spread right or the image wasn’t quite right or shoot is that what I meant to do, but oh man, oh man, oh-my-awesomeness.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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