lovable distractions

I made my place at a door, I didn’t know what I was waiting for.

Maria Taylor “Clean Getaway”

and then one day I did. {ps…I am totally in love with the above mentioned song right now as well} I was waiting to find my love of letterpress. Yes, this is my 15th “new” love.  Does this make it any less my love? Of course not. So for the last post of the lovable holiday season, let us talk about the things I love.

{Maggle bug had to be a part of my documentation of the holiday}

{Awesome valentine’s in the mail from Mrs. Rose! of Timeflies}

{I have grown quite fond of letterpressing!  It makes me happy. I am still working on the right amount of inks, the right amount of press, but I am quite happy with where the results are taking me! These are some of my favorites. — sidenote, when I get some stuff put together, I will be “re-opening” the Etsy shop}

{these are my favorite lil’ simple set of cards and envelopes}

{and a glimpse into things to come full of LOVE}

I find myself distracting my mind with things of creation and fun.  When the the creating gets tough, the tough get creating.  I guess it takes my mind off the fact that my heart and my head are not exactly in agreement right now.  It takes my mind off the fact that there are still boxes to be unpacked, 2 beds to be moved, along with a TV cabinet, a chair, a shelf, and no clue how to make it happen.  It takes my mind off the fact that my knee still aches along with my back from sleeping on an air matress.  It allows for a simple time when my heart and my head align.   So raise your glass to lovable distractions.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W



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