let your love SHINE

Well, after stamping, signing , licking, sealing, stamping, postal stamping(with the last of the king/queen love stamps{insert sad face}), addressing, and handing them to my friendly postal worker, the valentines went out!    I love mail in my mail box and more importantly, I love putting it in people’s mail box. 

The rubber stamps of these valentines inspired me to really try my hand at letterpress.  Which means the mom is about to get tons of cards and such to hand out.  She always gets the experimental cards.  I am hoping to get the etsy shop back up and running. I think when I took it on originally I didn’t realize how much work it would really be.  Now that I have my very own office I don’t have to clean when I am done, however, may just make that much more time…maybe.  This is way off topic…

What I really want to say is Happy Valentines Day!  I honestly really can’t stand valentine’s.  I don’t like it in a couple or outside of one.  Bring me flowers on March 1 or June 12 or August 20.  What I had to realize though, was that once upon of time Valentines was like Christmas in the classroom.  I can remember making little baskets and construction paper pouches.  I can remember using glitter, doilies, and all things wonderful to make my pouch valentines worthy.  I can remember writing my name on the back of drugstore valentines and attaching fun things.  I remember one time doing a Big Red valentines saying, “I chews you for my valentine.”  How fun it was to read all of them, for that one day, there were no bullies, no cool kids, or even dorks.  Everyone was loved, everyone got a valentine.  So in that spirit, I started the annual valentine send out.  Hope you loved yours…Let your love shine on Monday and everyday that follows!


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