I think I can, I think I can

So there is this thing that I have always wanted to do.  I dreamed that I would be able to keep up with the others of the world.  I think I fell in love with the dream when “What Women Want” came out and Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson were writing a commercial for nike.  The spoke of the sport of running so eloquently.  How the pavement is your only friend.  I thought…I could do that. I could have those awesome legs like the runners. I could be cool at my marathons and races.  I too one day will have a drawer full of race day shirts I never wear and pictures in paper numbers. 

There is one thing you should know about me.  When I walk it sounds like a herd of cows coming down the line.  Even at my teeny tiniest…cows.  I also fall all the time.  I do believe that I have stated I have no grace or balance.  None the less, one day I will be a runner.  About a month ago I decided I was over carrying around the extra 40 pounds.  (that is as much of my weight as you will get).  I wrote a list of goals:

1. No more Bratwurst arms.  I HATE my arms.  They are squishy.  They look like squished bratwurst.  I can’t stand it.

2. Will run 5K. The end. 

3. Will be a size 6/8 by November for SnoPea’s wedding.

In order to acheive these goals a huge sacrafice had to be made…NO COKES!  So they went.  I count down the days I go with out them.  In addition to this, I started working out.  I did weights, I did squats, I did CARDIO.  Cardio consisted of running at intervals and 2 times a week, my best mile.  Sounds great.  For the first 2 weeks I was sore, “work through the pain!” I thought.  Well after moving, running around, adn working through…my knees ached.  After sitting in a meeting for a day and still wanting to cry everytime I stood up, I went to the doctor.  That’s when he said…’No running for 2 weeks.” 

It’s been 2 weeks…on Friday, “I was told…Whitney, I just don’t think your flat feet are gonna allow you to run.” {hangs head}

Let me be clear, I am not a super training champ.  I start things and quit.  I am just a bit flakey. I have good intentions, I just, well, find myself lacking.  This was one of those things, that I was sure I could do.  I have decided though, for now…the running needs to go till I shave some pounds off.  Once we get down a couple pounds, we will try again.  Till then…the road will not be my friend.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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