flat de fox: dine in

okay so for those of you that do not know…I moved.  Again.  Yep it is true.  I have moved. This time I am staying put for a few months, 12 at the minimum.  Let’s talk about things I want to do, room by room.  You see through the years I have collected a plethora of things, stuff, junk.  Meaning my taste moved from clean lines of red, black, and of course gray to eclectic.  I am okay with this as it allows me to have options in the spaces I move into, but enough is enough. Time to start pulling it together. Let’s start with the space that needs the least amount of work.  The dining room.

I have many theories about what can be done here.  First of all, the walls are so very white.  Too much white.  That would be the first to go, but not feasable. So let’s talk abou the things that are.  I want a pendant light, maybe this one?

{IKEA 365+ Lunta}

Next would be a great chalkboard or as I am typing this I would love a great bus roll as well. 

I love this look behind…I wish I could paint the whole wall black with some chalkboard. I may just have to get creative and combine a chalkboard look with a bus roll look.  I just need the words. {picture via K.F.D. Designs}

The rest of the changes are pretty simple, painting some white chairs green and making another fake bar.  Also…I would like a rug in there…but it is such an odd sized space…I will really have to think about this one. 

Till the next room…lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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