a girls best frenemy

You know there comes a time in every good new years resolution that something or someone tests you.  I do believe the great city of Lafayette is doing that to many of it’s citizens now.  Lately, I have made it a point to really get to know my semi-new city.  I have found a church that I feel at home at. I am throwing myself at my job(which normally I would think would be no good, but I have a great job, and I get to meet a lot of great people, so seems like a good move.  I am now determined to participate in events around the neighborhood.  Chocoholic Frolic is where I would like to start.  Yummo!

Thursday, February 10 is going ot be a sweet and happy night.  Now I just have to find some peeps to participate with me.  Who doesn’t want to try some Chocolate Chicken from Zea’s? The best part of all of this is that it benifits Acadiana Outreach.  It’s just a great, awesome, and sweet event.  So who’s with me?

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W

Lagniappe: For more information go here.


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