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Disclaimer: This is a recap post.  It has been written before.  So if this will bore you than skip ahead…but be warned…there are no top 10’s for 2010.  Only a simple thought.

At the end of 2008 also known as the year that shall not be mentioned, I wrote lists there were as follows:

things to avoid in 2009

10. Toxic people…no matter how good of friends you used to be.
09. Irish Spring, Shamrocks, Memorial Park, and Almost Lovers.
08. Jean shorts: pretty much goes with 9, but jorts deserve a number of their very own.
07. Tequila and hodurians.
06. Highway 290 unless going to Austin, then find a new way.
05. Coca cola…it is a life resolution 😉
04. Death, I mean let’s face it, I am just not ready.
03. Body shops, all together, I have put too much money in them, this also goes hand in hand with rental cars. I need to avoid rental cars.
02. Dramatic emailing, emails are not the place to work out life’s problems.
01. Cornbread birthday cake with 80 strangers all while laughing and crying.

Goals of 2009:

10. Avoid Coke!
09. Have 365 bullet points. I want my day to be summed up to one awesome truth. To one thing that made me smile…that way in 2010 when I find myself regressing to the nights of counting all the popcorn texture dots on my ceiling and labeling them with a mistake, 365 of them will have one awesome, witty, and fun truth.
08. Put 15% of my income in the bank and 5% in investments.
07. Smile atleast 10 times everyday.
06. Increase my musical database in my head.
05. Paint atleast 2 times a month.
04. Remind my family(this includes all friends) how much I love them as much as I can.
03. Do at least one pull up by 2010 and ride 25 miles.
02. Write it all down…all of it…and then throw it all away.
01. Change the life of one person for the better. Touch one soul. Make one person smile in there heart.

Lets speak of these things to avoid: 

  • 10-Number 10 you are tough one. I find myself confused by you. Define toxic.  I told one person they were poison…I meant it, but I found myself drawn to there wittiness, charm, amazing smile, inappropriate jokes, and amazing traps(as in the muscle). I found out that this person was poison just like the rest of us can be…so over all I call this number a success.
  • 9- I think I have done this…If I remember correctly this avoid was also on the best of 2008 list.  With that said. I am glad that it still serves as one happy memory and didn’t make a repeat in 2009.
  • 8- Check…avoided, and triple avoided.
  • 7- Check…avoided and much less scarred as a result.
  • 6- I moved from Houston…no reason to see that silly highway again!
  • 5-  …. I think the stories of my route 44’s sum up the fail that comes with this one.  [hangs head in shame]
  • 4- I am alive!  Check check.
  • 3- I have avoided the body shops…mechanical work…not so much.  New engine(check) New Altenator(check) New Altenator(check). Side note if you would like to donate money to the fund that is my car repair and new car fund I would not argue to accept. Donations, regretfully, will not be tax deductible.
  • 2- hahahhahahaha…I think we should pass this little avoid off and let pimento answer if this was avoided… [hangs head in shame]
  • 1- Whoop whoop…again this was on my best of 2008 list…and it serves as a once in a lifetime memory that needs to stay that way.


  • 10-Refererence my obsession with Route 44 [fail]
  • 9- I tried…I just forgot to write them all down… [I give myself a D]
  • 8- I really had good intentions…I mean I did, but with medical drama and cars…this just didn’t happen.  Plus I needed that camera! Will do better with money though…this is a life thing that needs to happen now!
  • 7- I think I have.  Even when the day was bad…I smiled. Wiser words were never spoken than the man who said, “Smile, you never know who is falling in love with it.”
  • 6- I am not sure what I meant by this, but I will say I did.
  • 5- I will pass myself with a C on this one…
  • 4- I really tried…I don’t think I tried hard enough.  Mom, Brother, Jenni, Bob, Ehren, Laura, Emily, Travis, Cousins, Granny, Aunts, Uncles, Paris, Nicole, Goodnes the list goes on so if I left you out, please do not be offended I do love you with all my heart. Even when it seems as if I don’t, I do.  I really really do. I love you.
  • 3-hahahahhahhahhahahahah this makes me giggle. The 25 miles happened total over a year, but not all at once.
  • 2-Some got thrown away, but most of it, is right here on this site.
  • 1- I don’t know. I hope so.  I know I have inflicted some harm on some, but I really hope so.  I don’t know that I could really have the answer to this.

Goals for 2010:

  1. Change the life of one person for the better.—errr i don’t know that this happened.
  2. Talk to God every day. —not everyday, but much more
  3. Remind those I love that I love them as much as I can. —probably not as much as I should have
  4. Apologize and ammend every wrong that you do.  Apologies go a long way. —this is much easier said than done/a work in progress
  5. Send thank you cards for everything. —almost everything
  6. Save money! —better now than I was then. 
  7. Smile at least 10 times everyday. —I’d say so.
  8. Paint at least two paitings a month. —FAIL!
  9. Live one day at a time, not to ignore one single moment of that day. —These goals are so idealistic…maybe…sure, I made it through each day.
  10. Write it all down. Everyday, write it all down.  This is my life. It is lived as a story begging to be told. —probably so. just not publically.

And there you go blog world. 2009, meet 2010. A new decade. A new year. Most importantly a new day. 

There was a point in 2009 that I made a list…then in 2010 I made a new list…I would say that I scored a C+ on my goals for 2010. There were highlights and lowlights as there are in any year.  At the end of it…I came out exponentially better than I have in years before.  I came to look at the girl in the mirror as a friend.  My blogging dropped…my painting dropped, but I did start dealing with the girl in the mirror. So hey I will take it! This year.  There are no goals/resolutions to make, except to just keep on, keeping on. 

It has a lot of awesome planned: 2 besties getting married…wooo hooo, really diving into the new job and promoting myself, planning a vacation for myself, the list goes on and on.  For today I leave you with a thought…a new years thought, 2 weeks 2 late. 

{lake martin, la-just watching the sunset}

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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