fa la la la laaaa

Good day my friends.  I hope that everyone’s new years was spectacular!  I know mine was, minus the little gangsta party of mucus hanging out in my chest and throat.  It was a great time of friends, food, family, and Fockers.  Last night my family and I went on over to the local theatre to catch a bit of a Christmas movie, Little Fockers. I must admit, I was quite disappointed, less DeNiro and more Streisand and Hoffman for me please!

Along with gifts and food we took some time dress up the dogs.  I know they loved it.  Can’t you tell…

{Smudge, Maggie May, Zoie(the mom of the other two)}  I know their little jackets are precious.  Thank you limited for putting them on sale.

Along with dressing up dogs there were the traditions like homemade cinnamon rolls:

{this is one of my favorite things about the holidays.}

It was a phenomenal Christmas.  Complete with the funniest living nativity at church.  Complete with the shepherds having sword fights with their staffs, the star screaming in fear, and the wise-men running on and off stage.  The Christmas spirit was alive and well in Louisiana.

I hope your Christmas was full of all things wonderful!

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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