Short little post…

Well, as usual things are evolving, and it is scary, and exciting, and all around allowing me to sleep a little sounder, sing a little louder, and run around like a chicken with my head cut off. 

I am of course making lists, scheduling appointments, and wondering just how the heck I am going to pull all of this off  and not run myself crazy, cause God knows I don’t need or want any more crazy in my head.  I am trying to flush the existing out of there.  The fact that David Gray is blaring off the iPod is helping. How can anyone be stressed with David Gray singing to them?

Today I have a couple of boring life things to do before the afternoon.  Then some great lunch some cleaning out the closet, literally and figuratively.  Some light reading and researching.  Some picture-taking this afternoon, maybe while doing boring life things.  This afternoon needs to be consumed with creating and finishing Christmas gifts.  Just needs to be and tomorrow, if I am very lucky, I will be painting. 

Here’s to hoping…

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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